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Consumers sometimes need credit score information - here's your chance to be their hero and make money at the same time.
CanadaLeads now has an additional way for you to earn money from your marketing efforts.

Do you ever have declined applications or prospects who just need a little better credit to continue?

Or are you looking for ways to lower your marketing and lead costs?

If so, read on, as we have an offer that you can promote and earn referral commissions on, just by promoting your unique link. If you can type and click some buttons, you can make money. It's really that easy.
    Leverage Your Existing Databases
    We have partnered with Credique - a provider of Credit scores, reports and more for Canadians - and as a member you are already pre-approved to promote their flagship offer..

    Their offer is called CreditVerify, and for every lead you send them we will pay you $15. It's that easy. No hassles for you collecting credit card info, no talking on the phone, no need to deliver any service, no invoicing needed - just send them the clicks and get paid by CanadaLeads (either as a credit to your account or as e-transfer)!

    For more details on the offer, you can read a review on this site here:

    If you can send emails to your lists, databases, or even promote this offer on your own site or ads elsewhere, the income can be substantial. For example, send them 500 leads and you will earn $7500.
      How to Get Started
      This offer is only for approved members, so here is what you need to do:

      1. If not a member of, you are welcome to signup for free here, follow the steps (you'll be sent instructions) and once approved, go to Step 2.
      2. Email our customer care email or notify us via our contact form here, and tell us you're interested in joining the Credit Verify campaign.
      3. We'll send you a unique link you can use to promote the offer.
      4. We'll also send you some pre-approved email copy so you can prepare your email campaign. If you want to write your own ads or email copy that's ok - just send us the new version so we can review and approve it.
      5. Send emails to all your declined or inactive prospects, using your special link.
      6. We'll e-transfer your earnings to you monthly.