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You don't have to buy bulk leads, or invest thousands in poor performing mail campaigns, or be forced to make a minimum order of 500 leads just to try them out.
ENTRA Marketing owns a network of Canadian mortgage websites where it implements the most advanced technology available to maintain the reliability and quality of lead flow. This network provides tens and sometimes, hundreds of Canadian mortgage leads per day with the highest of quality as every incoming application is filled out by the motivated customer only.

We built our system to let you choose prospects to contact. Use our tools allowing you to narrow your search criteria. You can see all information provided including a lead comment.

12+ years of customer satisfaction and improvements made our system capable to do almost everything our customers require: notify when the lead matching your criteria comes, convenient bulk search and purchase, export to pdf and excel formats, give automated bonus on payment and apply automated weekly discount and much more.

Narrow your view to see only leads matching certain type, credit score, Province, county or even Postal Code(s). You can even search by customer comments. For instance, if you are looking for clients that are in "foreclosure" or "bankruptcy" you only need to put those key words into the "search by keyword" box.

The main idea behind our unique pricing policy is to ensure that every prospect that shops on our web sites receives a call from a loan officer or service provider. That's why so many leads are available below the cost of what we pay to search engines.

Our automated discounting process ensures that every lead is priced according to its real value. If we generate too many leads, or our customers dislike a particular price, our system reduces the lead price automatically until all leads are sold. Keep watching our leads and get the ones you like at the price you like.

When you make your first deposit, try up to three leads. If you're dissatisfied with the first three leads you purchased - we will return 100% of your first deposit.

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